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“You can’t take years off and not have it affect your career,” he said.

“But I don’t know - in a weird, sort of destructive way there was something appealing about that to me.

» Hollywood newcomers Naomi Watts and Hayden Christensen were honored with Movieline's inaugural Breakthrough of the Year award Wednesday.Keitel is represented by ICM and The Artists Partnership in the U. , was released in September to scathing reviews but he insists he is happy keeping a lower profile.Before hooking up with Millepied, Portman was seeing folkie singer Devandra Banhart. Super-much." That brings us to 2009, when Portman and Millepied met on the set of "Black Swan," where he worked as Portman's choreographer and on-screen dance partner in the ballet film.The two began dating early in 2008, only to end their affair later that year. The duo began dating in early 2010 and surprised everyone when they announced their plans to marry and their plans to have a baby, expected sometime in 2011.

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Not only has she given us a few peeks at her adorable daughter, but she recently gave her former The O. costar Mischa Barton a sweet Dancing With the Stars shout-out.

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