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Since I'm not interested in those parts, the pressure's off, in a way. I find that playing so many characters in so many films is a way to be in the moment.

Expectant parents David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman couldn’t stop smiling at the premiere of his new film Trust in Los Angeles last night.

Bell is the daughter of a Scottish father and Iranian mother.

An Edmonton native, Miranda began her acting career at the age of 8, appearing in dozens of TV commercials.

She studied as a theater major at the University of Alberta before receiving a scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC where she trained in Musical .

When she attends red-carpet events, she often won't take a date, or even a wingwoman. "I can duck easier." In a culture that thrives on sharing every detail of our existence, in streams of endless Twitter updates, isn't privacy something of a liability?

Well, for one thing, I like being a supporting actress. The interesting characters are very few if you want to be the lead, and they depend on you being beautiful.

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Many actors limit what they say about their children, as Keener does regarding her young son, or about whom they're dating.

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