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You can't even enter some countries if you're a woman, yet most travel websites just skirt around the issue and prefer to focus on what lipstick a woman should wear.'There certainly are places where women are sort of second class citizens, and that can be frustrating.But I just try to remember that most people are genuinely nice, and I do my best to dress appropriately so I don't attract unwanted attention.''I would say to women just be smart and listen to your gut.

According to Thailand Domestic Violence Information Center, violence against women is a growing problem in Thailand, fuelled, in part, by the widespread availability recreational drug Yah Bah as well as alcohol.But while wolf whistles, cat calls and belligerent taxi drivers may be an annoyance for some solo travellers, there are some countries where women may be exposed to misogyny, pestering and, in some extreme cases, danger.Horrific crimes against women have become worryingly commonplace in countries such as India, but there are a number of popular holiday hotspots, such as Turkey and Morocco, that may not be as female-friendly as you think, according to experts.Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said in a statement Monday there was intel regarding a potential “terror attack” against tourists in the Sinai peninsula.The crossing remains open for those wanting to return from Egypt.

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Women have reported being groped, stripped, beaten, bitten, penetrated with fingers, and raped.

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