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In 2009, Russell Moore was a young theologian who occasionally served as the host of a Christian radio show.He liked to let callers have their say, drawing them out with friendly questioning before gently acknowledging, when necessary, that he firmly disagreed.Alaska's definition of "trafficking" is broad and vague.

At the moment we were talking to Whale Tooth Guy, it wasn’t exactly clear.

Those empowered to do the rescuing are, typically, the police.

The new regime does not seem to work quite as it was intended to, though, according to a new report by Tara Burns titled What Burns found was that, despite the new laws, the role of the police has not changed that much.

One day in July, he found himself leading a discussion of Sarah Palin, who had recently called a surprise back-yard press conference to announce that she was resigning the governorship of Alaska.

(She blamed silly ethics charges and serious lawyers’ fees.) Moore’s guest was Richard Land, who had been praising Palin before most of the country knew her name.

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2015-05-21 Senate Journal Page 1294 The prayer was offered by the Chaplain, Romo Marasigan. The question asked of Senate members was: "Should the Legislature meet in special session in Anchorage to consider legislation pertaining to the FY 15 and FY 16 Operating Budget and House Bill 44 Sex Abuse/Assault/Dating Violence/Prevention Programs?

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