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But instead, “The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway’’ is 90 minutes of familiar, fragmented, claustrophobic mayhem moving ahead at an ADD pace.There is no plot to speak of — just a long string of gags and visits from all of Pee-wee’s friends, including Cowboy Curtis (Phil La Marr), Miss Yvonne (Lynne Marie Stewart), and, of course, Chairy.But a number of actors, comedians, and fellow Groundlings members were semi-regulars on “Gong Show,” because Barris knew they would deliver, even if they didn’t win.Reubens didn’t spend much time with Barris behind the scenes because FCC rules bar off-camera fraternization between producers and contestants.While hardly X-rated, these early renditions weren’t particularly prime for an audience of nine-year-olds scarfing down Frosted Flakes on Saturday mornings. RUDD: [laughs] Now we just need to get Pamela Reed on the phone. And then I saw you in a Cheech and Chong movie, where you are under a table . Boy, that movie was incredible to work on because we were all playing inmates in a mental institution: Sandra Bernhard was one, and Sally Marr, who was Lenny Bruce’s mom, was another.And perhaps the very fact that Pee-wee appealed to adults as well as children—that he actually arrived in a playhouse via a nightclub—is what made the character so compelling, if slightly off-kilter. And the head doctor was Timothy Leary, who had just gotten out of jail.Approaching 60, Reubens can still re-create Pee-wee’s stick-figure body language, but his face is a puffier version of its earlier self and his eyes are smaller. Perhaps a meta framing device was in order, to put all the dated “Pee-wee’s Playhouse’’ material in context — the way “The Brady Bunch Movie’’ had the Bradys living in the 1970s during the 1990s.

Paul Reubens “secretly married” rumors have caused quite a stir among fans. That remains a mystery for now, as the actor’s rep hasn’t commented, nor the couple released an official statement yet. But those two mainstream iter­ations weren’t actor Paul Reubens’s first runs with the loud and lovable Pee-wee. It’s interesting to redo the character now because I really haven’t been Pee-wee Herman for a long time and people know now that there’s an actor behind him. I’m interested to see whether that aspect will have an effect on it, but I don’t have any control over that. RUDD: I remember seeing a picture a long time ago of you at Cal Arts.He initially improvised and polished the character in the late 1970s at the Ground­lings Theatre in L. and built Pee-wee into a cultish live-stage comedy show in the early ’80s. I want to make sure everybody realized we had the same initials. You had a goatee, and I thought, Okay, so there really is a person there. REUBENS: I was Pee-wee Herman in one Cheech and Chong movie [[1981], I was a character who gets referred to as [Howie] the Hamburger Dude.“He was always friendly and funny with me,” Reubens said.In addition to the cash prizes from “Gong Show,” the “booby prizes” for losing were also memorable.

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