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Darrin Murch and his wife Cindy stand outside the courthouse in Ottawa on Thursday, Feb 7., 2013.Cindy's sister Pamela Kosmack was murdered in 2008.In the building: front desk services, common kitchen, laundry rooms, study and activity rooms.

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As in a traditional marriage, common-law partners have certain rights with respect to property and, depending on the circumstances, spousal support.

But there are also major legal distinctions between the rights of married couples and common-law couples.

90U also features: front desk services (access control), the Residence Resource Centre (RRC), common kitchen, laundry room, study and activity rooms and storage.

Basic meal plan is mandatory for 90U residents In the building: front desk services, common kitchen, laundry rooms, study and activity rooms.

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Ontario’s , for example, defines “common-law marriage” as a union between either an opposite-sex or same-sex couple who have lived together in a “marriage-like” relationship that has lasted at least three years, or who have had a child together in what can be described as a “relationship of some permanence.” (A temporary break-up is usually not enough to interrupt the three-year rule.) In deciding whether a couple has a common-law relationship, courts will often consider a variety of factors.

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