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WASHINGTON—In an effort to safeguard the treasured official against further weathering, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced a 0 million initiative Tuesday to preserve himself for future generations to enjoy.DENVER—Settling into his apartment’s cramped living room to watch the midday game, local man Garrett Neubauer told reporters Wednesday that he hoped the televised baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the San Francisco Giants would get out of hand soon so he could do something else.Well I didn't want to sign it but the bitch had such a lack of signatures, which proves this employee is not liked, that she had to walk around to our cubes pointing out we forgot to sign the card and to please sign.If I wanted to fucking sign it I would have walked the twenty feet from my cube to your office you dumb bitch. She also gave me an off look because I didn't read it before I signed it.[Hook: Tory Lanez] All I wanted was a new Mercedes Bending off the corner whipping out the lot, I got it Women love me but the niggas hate it But how can I lose when I came from the bottom?Lord knows Nigga Lord knows, nigga Lord knows, nigga Lord knows Nigga Lord knows, nigga Lord knows, nigga Lord knows Nigga Lord knows, nigga Lord knows, nigga Lord knows [Verse 1: Meek Mill] Uh, Lord knows I'm filthy rich All this ice is like 50 bricks Rap niggas throwing hissy fits I give my bitch a stack just for a Christmas gift And my bitch so bad, she on my Christmas list 'Member I prayed, really I wished for this To get the crib with the maid and with the picket fence I'm with some niggas that mad, we taking risks for this I'm talking risky business, flick the wrist Lord knows that I repent for this But Lord knows if I get penned for this I prolly won't get home until I'm 56 They say I'm the Messiah, you rappers is liars I sign up at church just to rap at the choir To spit my new verse at your wake while you're lying The middle of the church have you wake, no I'm lying I just came from jail, ain't do no crying They put me through hell, sharpened my iron I did my push-ups and I roared with the lions Like hold up, from balling I'm tired I'm back in this bitch and I'm back on my shit Man they tell me be humble, I'm cocky as hell Shout out my bitches that answered my calls When I called you collect cause it got me through hell Shout out that judge that denied me my bail It made me smarter and made me go harder They locked me up and slowed my album up But I did not give up cause I knew I would prevail Came in the game, Philly as shit Look at these rappers, they silly as shit I do not know why they be gassing these suckers But fuck 'em cause I am not feeling their shit Difference between me and most of these rappers I'm talking about work that I really put in Talking about pistols I put on my hip And I'm talking about foreigns I really could whip That I really done drove Really was froze in my hood and these bitches I really did hit Really was chose, came up from nothing And now they like, "How he made millions so quick?I may sound like a royal bitch myself but it pisses me off with all the cards, gifts, cakes whatever the fuck that floats around this place for the smallest little thing. At least you weren't held up for a donation for someone you didn't know. But I don't feel I have to be cornered in my cube and forced to sign something I didn't want to sign in the first place.couldn't have put it better myself. From a purely ethical standpoint, you're right, of course.Dear entire company, Snow Whites plant died lets send her a pick me up bouquet. But then come around to our cubes with their hand out for money with a pen and card in hand. I've signed a lot of cards, but when it came my turn one secretary signed each person's name for them. It was, quite literally, the very least you could do. You have no obligation to sign, donate to, or support anything you don't want to. I personally have never disliked a coworker so much that I'd actively resist the effort of signing my name to the prepackaged sentiment "I hope your recent medical procedure does not result in your death".

But for something like this, where the occasion seems to merit some kind of acknowledgement, and all that's asked of you is a two-second stroke of a pen...well, why the hell not? I sure wouldn't want bullshit sympathy from someone I didn't like, would you? There's folks I work w/that I truly have low opinions of. Now, if it was the 'my plant died', yea, I'm there. I've seen that sort of cosmic badassery in folks, and I've always been grateful to have limited contact with them. "cause I don't actively wish misery on pretty much anyone reasonably human. The problem is that, in the UK, people are supposed to write something witty or heartfelt on the card, too. Though I suppose I could scrawl what another friend always writes, whether he knows them or not: i never liked you anywaywhat a miserable shit.The team is led by Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, and includes several of his political confidants, such as his former law partner William Palatucci.As of August, under a new federal program designed to accelerate Presidential transitions, Trump’s staff was eligible to apply for security clearances, so that they could receive classified briefings immediately after Election Day.It was also a direct response to a show which is in every way diametrically opposed to our politics and the vision of society we’re organizing to realize.A show which has had a net negative effect on our neighborhood and the city of Portland as a whole.

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  1. just One), I’ve learned a thing or two about how to craft an online dating profile that magnetizes sexy, intelligent, spiritual sweethearts. In honor of clarity, conviction (and love, love, crazy love) here are a few tips to help you write your next dating profile: Be bold. Alexandra Franzen learned how to operate a helicopter, flew on a trapeze above the Hudson River, completed a solo road trip across America, and launched her own business — all before the age of 30.

  2. (Photo by Ben Bohall, NET News) Nebraska’s population is becoming more diverse- and a large part of that diversity includes the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender; or LGBT community. However, he’s identified as genderqueer- a transgender category defined as not really feeling male or female, although he says he’s always leaned toward the former- even as a kid.