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Negative character traits could be: Stormy aggression and Fastidiousness.

From donning the tattoos, eyeliner and rat's tail every day to spending time with real prisoners in jail, she says the trick is to "just jump [into character] and hope for the best". It becomes like a second skin, but after doing that stuff day in day out, you literally start to go, 'am I a cruel and horrible person? "There was one particular scene - I remember coming to work that day and everyone was really buoyant and fresh and happy and about 45 minutes in, it was like a dark cloud descended on everyone, just being exposed to that level of anger and violence constantly." And while usually, she says actors have psychological buffers in place to separate work and real life, that dark cloud can stick around after the director calls cut, and one particular scene was harder to recover from."The scene that was most confronting was Franky nearly getting raped in the garden shed.When season four kicks off, the former ‘Top Dog’ finds herself tackling a completely new obstacle – life outside of prison.“I think it was a bit of a gift for me to have Franky on the outside for season four,” Nicole tells the .Orange, White, Grey and Yellow are Nicole da Silva's lucky colors.Typical positive character traits of Virgo include: Perfection, Meticulousness and Coherence of thoughts.

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