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In less than 2 minutes, you’ll be able to start matching with other LDS singles in your area or around the world!We listen to feedback, and we love hearing your success stories!With the new age requirements for missions I feel that the age number will decrease for women.Discover LDS friends date, the completely free site for single members of the Latter Day Saints Church.I have a friend, a convert to the church, who is handsome, faithful, smart, gainfully employed, and lonely beyond words.

We strive to provide an honest and accurate representation of our singles service.We strongly encourage you to read our safety guidelines and adhere to them in all online and offline encounters.Single and married members of the Church see the challenges facing singles in a very different way.I’ve decided to suggest to him some cyber-alternatives. I know a Mormon guy in darkest Wales who met his American wife this way.It’s easy to snicker, but in a branch with only three women in it — all over 80 — this was perhaps the only way he would ever be able to participate in the Great Mormon Breeding Project. (And lest you think this is some dodgy front for any bipartisan activities of my own, it was Rebecca who suggested I post this!

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  1. It doesn't matter who you are & where you come from, If you agree with our terms & conditions then you are welcome to Join our community, it is free forever.

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