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It is reasonable to assume that, as in the general population, 1% to 4% of them are sociopaths. If you’re looking for a relationship online, you are advertising the fact that you’re lonely. Sociopaths take the information and pretend to be the person of your dreams. Some people post gorgeous photos in their profiles, which are actually photos of models stolen from elsewhere on the Internet. Experts believe that 65% to 90% of human communication is nonverbal—facial expressions, gestures, body language, tone of voice.

When filling out an online dating profile, you provide information about yourself and what you are looking for. It is impossible to know for sure with whom you are corresponding.

On the other hand, the remaining 35% of those used their cell phones to get the task done.

That means there between 14 million and 72 million sociopaths online—all trolling for victims. They use the information that you posted to seduce you. Sociopaths typically register on multiple dating sites simultaneously. That means in communication via the web or e-mail, 65% to 90% of the meaning is missing. But humans can detect a lie only 53% of the time—the same as flipping a coin. So here’s what happens when you look for romance online: I was married for nearly 18 years – and believed that my husband loved me, I believed he was faithful, and I believed we had a reasonably good marriage. AFTER he persuaded me to take an early retirement from my 30-year career as a college professor, AFTER I no longer had income…. He THEN “”confessed” that he had sexually betrayed me since we were married – sexual affairs with hundreds of women….

Increasingly, these scammers are hitting online dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to troll for victims. Phil Mc Graw, popular mental health expert and host of daytime talk show , it's hard to tell whether you're getting hooked on a catfish.People can lie and deceive over the internet pretending to be someone else, using false photographs, a false age and even false motives!Although we like to think this wont happen to us, it can happen and it could happen to you, so an online date should be approached with a little skepticism.I now understand that he was always this ugly, cruel man, but he had needed to keep me fooled because I was his cover, etc., etc., — But, he had always intended to act out his vicious vengeance – to inflict total damage – stopped paying mortgage, he charged me eith bank fraud, he cut off all bank accounts, and he defamed me everywhere….He also needed to totally destroy me to leave and be the victim…. He had been “hooking up” online for years – He is a master of deceit…He plays victim to very successfully seduce women…and to manipulate everyone to feel sorry for the guy….

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